Chemical and Environmental Engineering Program

Principles of Medical Engineering

What is the future need for a medical engineer?

The rapid development of technology, diseases outbreak, and the presence of many medical and technical problems that need solutions, lead to an increase in the demand and the development of medical devices to obtain better results.

Principles of medical engineering:

Fields of medical engineering activity. Research, development and design of engineering problems, disease diagnosis and therapeutic applications. Template modeling

and integrated systems. Physical, chemical, and biological basics of medical measurements. Sensors for motion, force, pressure, and flow

Temperature, biological potential, chemical composition of body fluids, and properties of biological materials. patient safety.

Examples of medical devices:

0 - Diagnostic equipment: MRI machine, computed tomography machine, X-ray machine, gamma machine

Camera, ultrasound, mammography device, heart, brain, muscle, eye, and other signals...

8- Therapeutic devices: pacemaker, defibrillator (electric shock device), medical endoscopes, hemodialysis device (kidney)

industrial), artificial heart, cobalt treatment device, artificial vessels. And many more...

Electrical safety devices and precautions in medical applications. ECG, digital and analog analysis of ECG signals,

Measure blood pressure, heart sound, blood flow and blood volume. Statistical analysis of heart rate and blood pressure measurements. basic spirometry,

Principles of laboratory equipment.

Dental equipment (for a chair and its equipment), imaging and sterilization equipment

prosthetic ear device

Heart and lungs operating device during surgery


Insulin injection device

hemodialysis machine


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