NARS مرحلة البكالوريوس

Based on the Presidential Decree number (82) for the year 2006, the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education (NAQAAE) was founded to enhance the quality of education in Egypt. In the light of NAQAAE's mandates, developing National Academic Reference Standards (NARS) for higher education comes on the top of its priorities. NARS are intended to set out clearly the graduate attributes and academic characteristics expected to be achieved in the academic programs of different disciplines.

The natural resources are no longer the backbone for development and prosperity; instead knowledge economy has become the main base for inducing tremendous and progressive breakthroughs in the resources of nations. In this regard, knowledge economy requires high quality education based on well defined reference standards.

The international changes and the concomitant alterations in the socio-economic conceptions obliged quality education as the main gate for human resources development. The latter, in turn, is counted as one of the most important determinants of national sustainable development.

Good practice in education should encourage students to improve their innovative and creative capabilities, employ appropriate technologies and pursue independent and life-long learning. This would necessitate setting out plans to develop the institutional capabilities and educational efficiency.

Accordingly, educational institutions have to reform their programs and courses to meet the demands of the labor market. In addition, graduates should acquire the flexibility that enables them to adapt to the future needs of the labor market.

In alignment with its functions, NAQAAE, in collaboration with the stakeholders, has developed an integrated system to assure education quality. One of the system's outcomes is a series of guides for NARS in different academic disciplines to help higher education institutions in designing their programs to meet the accreditation requirements.

National Academic Reference Standards (NARS) 
Engineering Education 
August 2009, 2nd Edition

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