Dear students of the faculty of engineering, the hope of the bright future. Upon your shoulders the renaissance of the country will be built. With your faith in God, homeland and work the nation will be elevated and generations will be pleased. On behalf of myself and all the employees of the faculty, I welcome you to the site of the faculty. It has a lot of labs, workshops, training rooms, teaching rooms, halls of seminars and conferences at high level of quality to satisfy the needs of our students and the educational process. There are training places for the teaching staff, cooperating members and employees of the faculty. All these human resources and capabilities are geared to serve educational process and research. They work in harmony and coordination at the highest level.

      There is a department for post graduate studies and research to serve the students of post bachelor to get master's degree and doctorate's degree for Egyptians and foreigners. There is a community service sector to develop the surrounding environment by holding conferences, symposia and training courses. It provides solidarity to student with special needs. I wish compromise, good luck, more of hard work and persistence to all students to achieve success and pursue research and innovation to serve our nation and have a bright future by God's will. Peace be upon you and His mercy and his blessings.

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Mohamed Abd El Azim Mohamed Abd El Azim

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