Engineering labs unit

The mission of the unit :

  • The mission of the engineering labs aims to develop the applied part in the educational and the search process through organizing the using of the technical, lab and scientific abilities and experts at the faculty ,to be activated with the current and the future engineering needs of the university and the surrounding community .
  • Supervising the process of collecting all the data and the information that is related to the labs
  • Preparing the periodic reports about the lab's activities
  • Communicating with the supervisors of the labs for improving and organizing the workflow
  • Focusing in the negatives of the labs and working on getting red of them by communicating with leaders of the departments.
  • Providing annual development plan for the labs
  • Observing and following the income of the labs and assuring the applied list of the technical and labs services centre
  • Controlling the provider of the human resources as much as possible according to needs of the labs , even (labors or technicians )
  • Controlling and observing and inspecting the lad periodically

The unit of the engineering labs:

The unit of the engineering labs includes all the labs of the faculty and they are 63 labs are divided according to the scientific departments, the faculty will found a virtual lab that consists of seven halls each one of them contain 15 computer, also the labs administration and it’s the executive sector of the annual plane for developing the labs for the sake of gaining labs accreditation.

The faculty's labs are distributed according to the scientific departments as follows: 

The construction engineering dept.

  • The lab of the heavy facilities
  • The concrete facilities lab
  • Material resistant lab
  • Foundations and soil mechanics lab
  • Simulation lab
  • Computer lab

Public works engineering dept.

  • Sanitary engineering lab
  • Survey lab
  • Roads lab
  • The computer lab

Irrigation and hydraulic engineering dept.

  • Irrigation and hydraulic lab
  • The computer lab of the dept .

Textile engineering dept .

  • Spinning lab and quality assurance 9yarn testing )
  • Dyeing and processing lab (textile processing )
  • Microscopic examination lab
  • Knitwear and clothes lab
  • Textile tests lab
  • Computer lab

Electric engineering dept.

  • Electric machines laboratory .
  • (Electric machines lab (b))Dr. Hassan Abo tabl
  •  High voltage laboratory.
  • Electric circuits laboratory .
  • Electric measurements laboratory.
  • Electric protection laboratory
  • Electronic systems lab .
  • Solar energy lab .

Electronics and communication engineering dept.

  • Electronic bases lab
  • Electronic circuit lab .
  • Electronic measurements lab .
  • Electronic communication lab.
  • The medical lab .
  • Electronic visions lab.
  • Audio lab .
  • Radio and television lab .

Computers and system control dept.

  • Micro computers lab .
  • Digital electronics lab.
  • Computers lab.
  • Artificial electronics lab.
  • Sequential control lab .
  • Computer lab (A)
  • Computer lab (B)
  • Computer lab (c)
  • Artificial simulation lab.
  • HP lab.
  • Software lab.

Architecture engineering dept.

  • Architectural models lab.
  • The computer lab (A)
  • The computer lab (B)

Production engineering and mechanical design :

  • Dynamic systems lab.
  • Metals lab.
  • Accurate measurements lab .
  • Testing and designing gears lab
  • Illustration means lab .
  • The workshop dynamic machines lab .
  • Computer machines lab.
  • Fractions lab .
  • The computer lab
  • Sand testing lab .

Mechanical power dept .

  • Thermal engineering lab.
  • Heat transfer and its applications lab.
  • Fluid machines lab.
  • The computer lab .

Mathematics and physics dept.

  • Chemistry lab.
  • Physics lab.
  • Audio languages lab . (A)
  • Audio languages lab (B)

The computer lab

Statement about some lab devices at the faculty .

To show some :::

The developing plan of the labs 2013/2014

The suggested plan aims to:

  • Observing the work and meet the needs of the labs sector at the faculty
  • Searching for resources for developing the sector 
  • Introducing the best point of view about the faculty's labs 

The stages of the plan:

The first stage : observing the work and meeting the needs of the labs sector at the faculty
This stage includes :

  1. Developing and moderate the management building of the engineering labs
  2. Meeting the needs of the labs of devices and equipments according to their importance
  3. Trying to provide the human resources of engineers ,technicians and labors to make a better workflow.
  4. Moderating the data of devices and deleting what was guessed and adding the new coming devices to the labs even related to students or search areas
  5. Determing the students lab and the search labs and the services lab and the role of the lab
  6. Focusing in the occupational safety and security sides from electric al connection ,extinguish devices , informative boards and the first aid boxes and its medical contents
  7. Giving consideration to the industrial safety and spreading its culture through informative boards , the list of the industrial safety and passing it out to all the sectors at the faculty .
  8. Proving the means of the industrial safety from gloves , masks , air filters and earplugs that are demanded for the students and searchers work at the labs of more proper dangerous .

The second stage : searching for resources to develop the sector

And this figure is to provide the needs of the labs of devices and equipments in addition to the works of repairing and paintings according to the needs of each lab , and for providing this the following are followed :

  1. searching for self resources and un traditional for the advancement of the labs
  2. following the system of encouraging and punishing the defaulting In performing their duties to encourage the workers to reach a make performance of their work to put the faculty's lab in the proper image.
  3. a special place is specified to receive the samples which attached with the unit of managing the engineering labs and a unified form to the model of receiving samples and the form of the issued reports by the labs.
  4. The lab Subordinates the engineering labs unit from the side of funding and the labor plane to meet the needs of the labs according to the priorities, and these funds can be spent as the following:
  • Making a specific badge for supporting the labs and it should be among the demands of the new student's papers, also for the graduation certificates and the post graduate study students.
  • Specifying a specific part from the faculty's fund of the technical and the lab  services center, and the center of the engineering consultation to develop the faculty's labs
  • Communicating with the big companies, the industrial organizations and the businessmen to offer funds for the labs.
  • Specifying a part of the fees of  post graduate studies students to check the labs devices even it 2%of the fees   

The third stage : This stage includes:

  1. Making posters and brochures to announce the labs and the services that are offered by the labs sector.
  2. Continuing the site of the engineering labs unit on the page of faculty of engineering on the university's site and providing it with data and photos with updating.
  3. Making a cooperation protocol with companies and organizations to make their demanded exams and also the special courses of their engineers. 

The manager of the engineering labs unit
Prof.A.Dr/Mohamed Gamal Mohamed

The engineering labs sector :

According to the organizational structure at the faculty , the units that supervise the Demands of the labs are.

The engineering labs unit : a subordinate unit to the technical and lab services center to supervise the labs work and facilitate the faculties that face the work

The team work:

  • The manager of the engineering labs unit : Prof.A.Dr/Mohamed Gamal Mohamed Abdallah
  • The manager of the labs administration :chemist: Abeer Saleh Altokhy
  • The administrative affairs specialist :Mr/Mohamed Yehya Badawi
  • Administrator :Mrs:Azza Alsayed Abdalrazek


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