Graduation Affairs

  1. Extracting temporary certificates.
  2. Extracting estimates statements.
  3. Handing out original certificates.
  4. Editing graduates licences.
  5. Editing the ministerial decree concerning granting the scientific degree.
  6. Addressing the various embassies enquiring about the information validity (correctness).
  7. Fielding graduates to work in forms according to these firms demand, and the consent of his exellency Prof.-Dr,the Dean of the faculty.
  8. Modifying some results of different cases of graduates.
  9. Adjusting names of some graduates according to their demand(request).

Prepare collected fees statement for certificates account:

Graduation Affairs (Success certificates - statement ranks - original certificates - Graduates licences - statistics of Sums Collected)

Success certificates and statement of ranks:

Success Certificate:

Graduates' licences:

The model concerned with editing the graduates licences is written according to the statements kept in the students' files, with the ulmost accuracy, so as these be sent to the department of education. Students affairs of the university in preparation of editing the original certificates which include the following :-


Statistics of the number of the graduates and their specialisations yearly are prepared and are sent to those concerned.

Statement of the sums collected:

A monthly statement is prepared from the register book concerned with delivering the certificates that states collected fees concerned with extracting certificates, and this monthly statement is to sent to the University administration one by one.

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