Sector's plan

community services and environmental development affairs sector's plan at faculty of engineering – Mansoura University to the university year 2014/2015

The work plan of community services and environmental affairs depends on some main elements and these are :-

  1. Developing self –resources.
  2. Increasing the efficiency of the special units.
  3. Symposiums and workshops for the teaching staff members, workers at the administrative system and students.
  4. Training programs for: (Academic leaders –teaching staff members and the assistants –the administrators –the students and the graduates).
  5. Student groups with different types (medical –veteran-aware –forestation – beauty).
  6. Electricity rationalizing consumption and tending towards the nuclear energy and green environment.
  7. Faculty beautification and the surrounding environment.
  8. The conferences that aim to serve the community and develops the environment.
  9. The researches and the application projects which can be executed.
  10. Student activities and graduates services:
  1. Occupational safety and crisis management: making a study for the current situation of the faculty from the provided safety means through the unit of crisis management and disasters and forming the committee of safety and occupational health to study the needs of the faculty of:
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