Scientific Awards

The encouraging prizes of the university

Item1: Forming 33encouraging prizes are distributed to the faculties of university as following:-

  • Three prizes for each faculty of (medicine –science-agriculture –engineering)
  • The value of each prize 1000LE and an appreciation certificate are given to the winner and it's not permitted to be given to those who awarded it before.

Item 2: it's required to win the prize these following conditions:

  • The candidate should be one of the professors or the assistant at the university during the percolation to win the award.
  • He should be worked as a lecturer for three years at least.
  • The scientific production of the candidate should be extracted from masters and PHDs that he supervised or participated in the supervise of it or had been assigned by it an award outside the university.
  • The sums of researches are not included in the evaluation and the percolation of three candidates at the same field and awarding the award to more than one member at the same field is not permitted.

Item 3: The university's council determined the branches of science and the specials that the prize for, through the show of the faculty's council in October annually but the percolations should be answered inside the specializes that are approved by the university's council in specified date which its end in last December every year.

Item 4: The arbitrators who assumed the checkout of the scientific production of the candidates, give their reports according to the prepared model to MR.P.DR./the deputy of the head of the university, for post graduates and researches in a specified date which its end in last May every year.

Item 5: Forming a committee under the leadership of the professors who are the deputies of the university's head .the checkout of the nominations and the award of the prize annually by a decision from the university's council according to the show of the checkout committee.

Item 6: Who evaluates the scientific production of the candidates, three specialized professors are chosen by P.DR./the University's leader according to the suggestions of the post graduates council and two of them at least should be outside the university.

Item 7 :The faculty sends 4 copies from the total of the production ,the scientific activity and names of the committee's members that are suggested to every candidate in a specified date ,which its end in last November every year

Item 8: Forming a committee to choose the winners by P.DR./the University's leader and his deputies to check out the nominations after the evaluation of the checkout committee with the dismissing of every candidate didn’t gain the consensus of the arbitrators and the committee should invite the specialized professors to attend its sessions.

General provisions :

  • To achieve the principles of giving a chance for all the members of the teaching staff
  • It's not allowed to nominate for two awards for the same person in the same year
  • Who won a superior award before, shouldn’t nominate for inferior award
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