Scientific Awards

Scientific Awards

State awards for intellectual production and encouraging sciences and social sciences, arts and literature

Item1:Giving a prize of 200,000LEand a gold metal called Mubarak prize in all of literature, artistic and social sciences fields' .and two prizes for the advanced technological sciences ,and who is responsible for nominating this prize the applied rules in this law according to the procedures and rules of appreciation prize ,called 'state prizes for the intellectual production' and 14 prizes  called 'state's prizes for superiority' and 72 encouraging prizes called state prizes for encouraging sciences and the advanced technological sciences and arts and social sciences .

Item2:Annualgifts for the superiors in intellectual production, only given to the Egyptians and that and that for honoring them. And these prizes are:- five prizes for sciences

             -Five prizes for advanced technological sciences  

Item3:The value of every prize is 100,000LEand a gold medal and it's not allowed to be given to someone more than one time

Item4:The condition of people who are given the prizes is to have works or researches had been published before and this production should has an excellent scientific or artistic value and it should show an accurate research and innovation to add to the sciences and arts a useful thing for the state and the humanity.

Item 5:The scientific organization that works in 'sciences , social sciences , arts or fine arts 'give every year the special supreme council names of people who are supposed being nominated to win the appreciation prize, with giving the reasons of nominations.

Item 6:The specialized supreme council appoints every year a committee to check the nominations, and one of its members should be awarded the appreciation prize before, andthis committee gives the checkout results to the council in a specified time that is the end of March every year.

Item6 repeated (1) the excellent Egyptians in intellectual productions, innovation and the advanced technological sciences are rewarded these prizes:-                                                                                                

-7 prizes for sciences and the advanced technological sciences, the value of every prize is 50,000 LE and a silver medal and it's not allowed for someone more than one time.

Item6 repeated (2) required from the winner that:-

-practicing for 15 years research, and its application or intellectual production or innovation in the scientific fields of arts, literature or social sciences.

- his production of researches and works had been published before and this product should has an excellent and artistic value.

Item 6 repeated (3) the specialized supreme council announces every year about the state prizes for superiority before 1st October and who wants to win the prize should go to the supreme council in 3 months from the announcement time.

Item 6 repeated (4) the provided committees in item 6 should check the nominations and the demands of the state prize and assure its application to the announced conditions and its results are given to the supreme council in a specified time that its end is at the end of march every year.

Item 7:Only the Egyptians are given every year these prizes for their most excellent works and these prizes are: 32 prizes for science -8 prizes for the advanced technological sciences.

Item 8:The value of every encouraging prize is 20,000 LEand it's not allowed to be given to someone more than one time before 5 years and also not allowed to more than twice times in a same branch.

Item 9:The specialized council announces before 1st October about the fields that the prizes will be given in and who wants to  win some of these prizes should give the specified council his works in three months from the announcement time .

Item 10:The specialized supreme council appoints committees every year to check the exposed works and these committees give its results to the council.

Item 11:It's required at the presented product to win the encouraging prizes these conditions:  -to have a scientific or artistic value, that shows the accuracy of the searches and to add to the sciences or the arts a new useful thing.

-had been published or executed before

-not to be awarded before on scientific degree or had been awarded another prize before

Item 12:The specialized supreme council 'the supreme council for culture and technology and scientific research academy ' give the state awards that are mentioned in this law according to the provided rules

Item 12 repeated: all the mentioned prizes are exempted from taxes.

Item 13: The law number 338 in 1953 is eliminated 

Item 14:This law should be published in the official newspaper and it should be used immediately from the next day.

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