The scholastic subjects

The scholastic subjects of textile engineering dept.

The 1st year 
The first semester

The second semester

Humanities in spinning and weaving2

Heat transfer and air

Manufacturing cotton yarns

Tissue preparation

Computers applications in textile engineering1 Technical reports in textile
 Histological ores Drawing machines
 Properties and material resistance Physics textile 1
Math3 Applied mechanics


The 2nd Year
The first semester The second  semester
Humanities in spinning and weaving3

Machine devices

Manufacture woolen yarns

Manufacturing industrial threads

Commuter applications at textile engineering 2

Math 4

Textile technology1

Physics textile 2

Chemistry Textile

Fluid mechanics

Machine theory and it's applications

Electric and electronic engineering

The 3rd Year
The first semester The second semester
Applied statistics  
Computer applications at textile engineering 3 
Designing textile machines  
Clothes and technology 
Designing and manufacturing textiles  Textile and knitwear technology 2  
Textile theory1   Measuring engineering 
Elective subject1  Elective subject2 
Elective subject 4  Elective subject3


Elective subject1  Machine mechanics knitwear and clothes Industrial fabrics technology
Elective subject2  Textile structure  Printing and processing
Elective subject3 Textile machines mechanic Textile theory 2
Elective subject4  Mechanics of textile machinery  Analyzing Stresses filaments



The 4th year
The first semester The second semester
Automatic control  Nonwoven Fabrics
Textile technology 3  Economy and  costs  
Textile factories organization1  Textile processing 
Quality production control Textile factories organization 2 
Yarn techniques   Elective subject 5
Knitwear and clothes machines    Elective subject6  


Elective subject 5

Researches and processes Textile automatic control  Specification and standards
Elective subject 6 Textiletheory 3  Noise of machines  Planning of textile factories


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