The managing council

Mr.p.DR.Zaki Mohamed zedan The faculty's dean and the head of the managing board
MR.Prof.DR/Kassem Salah Alalfy the faculty's representative for post graduating and research affairs
MR.P.Dr.Hesham Ali Arafat the faculty's representative for student and learning affairs
MR.P.DR.Magdy Salah Alazab the faculty's representative for society's learning and environmental affairs
MR.A.DR.Iprahim Abd ALghafar badran the manager of the quality assurance unit
A.Prof/Mervat Mohammed Aboalkhair the deputy of the quality assurance unit 'manager
Prof.Dr/Ahmed Ahmed Abdalfatah Alsorwa the head of Math and Geometric Physics dept.
Prof .DR/Saad Saad Alsayed Eskandar the head of electrical engineering dept.
Prof.Dr/Tarek Abd al hameed Saafan the head of irrigation and hydraulic dept.
prof.DR/Ahmed Shaaban Median Samra the head of electronics and communication engineering dept.
Prof.Dr/Fawkia Faheem Ismaeel the head of textile engineering dept.
Prof.DR/Ahmed Mahmoud Yossef the head of structure engineering dept.
rof.Dr./Mahmoud Mowafy Iprahim the head of public engineering dept
Prof . DR/Hassan Ali Mohammed Soltan the head of production engineering and mechanical design dept.
Prof.Dr/Mohammed Mohammed Taha al azzab the head of architecture engineering dept.
Prof.Dr/Mohammed GHadoob Saafan the head of mechanical power engineering dept.
Prof.DR/Maher Mohamed Abd alrazek the manager of communication and information program
Ashraf Tawfeek Aldeeb the general manager
eng/Abdalraoof Ammar the head of quality section at electricity distribution company
Eng/Mohammed Fawzi Agwa the manager of east Damietta production station project
representative about engineering syndicate  
Eng/beshowy Alkes Sedhom member at the assistant staff
the secretary of the student union  
students delegate three students delegates evenly
Puma Rihanna
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