the faculty strategic goals

Throughout the four strategic aims that were determined by the faculty to itself , some strategic goals were formulated and who belongs to the faculty of engineering – Mansoura University aims to achieve these goals and they are represented in :

  1. Improving the organization's ability by making value to persons of different roles in a complete organization for the quality of the engineering services at the faculty of engineering.
  2. Developing the academic standards of the educational programs to teach the engineering sciences in a way copes with the nature of the Egyptian society and achieve the demands of the national standards and this to make faculty of engineering at a high leading position at the domain of teaching the engineering sciences.
  3. Improving the study system by making an educational environment that able to achieve creation and highlight the quality of the learning system
  4. Increasing the efficiency of the scientific researches and developing its sources to make the strategy of the scientific research responsive to the needs of the community and achieving to the higher international levels of the academic research and committed to the morals of the scientific research according to the nature of our culture.
  5. Strenghthen the community participation , developing the environment and developing the self –sources of the faculty by a continues aware of the needs of the community and achieving the efficiency in using the sources to enlarge the profit of the consulting services and making a better life .
  6. Laying the continues assessment organization and quality management to achieve the faculty's goals and this through a regular survey and a continuous assessment to these programs and activities. 
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