message of the professor vice dean of students and education affairs

Prof Hesham Arafaat ALI

My dear students

It is lovely that faculty of engineering - Mansoura University becomes a window through which we can overlook on minds in Egypt and the world. We can read its past and present references and all branches of knowledge. This is like walking on a beautiful garden enjoying its clear sky and green land. The faculty is a reflection of our great humanity and successful experiences.
My dear students, it is honor for faculty of engineering to be its students. This needs from you making great efforts to promote the reputation of our dear faculty. You must exploit it to increase your knowledge and application skills to benefit the Egyptian society and be good representatives in all institutions, companies and factories locally and internationally.
I call you to an effective participation in all students' activities to promote the position of our faculty in Mansoura University and the Egyptian's universities as well.SoOur common goal is to raise the name of Mansoura University to hold a special position inside and outside our be-loved Egypt.
Finally I wish you success and compromise in your study in current and future life.

Peace upon you.

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