Faculty Council

Members of the Faculty Council

No. Name Position
1 Prof.  Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Said Dean and Head of the Faculty Council
4 Prof. Hisham Arafat Ali Khalifa Vice-Dean of Education & Student Affairs
2 Prof. Sobhy Mohamed Abdelkader Vice-Dean of Post Graduated & Scientific Research
3 Prof. Ebrahim Lotfy Hassan El Qala Vice-Dean of Community Service & Environment Affairs
Head of Departments
1 Prof. Ahmed Mohamed Hamed Qandil   Head of Mechanical Power Engineering Department
2 Prof. Ahmed Mahmoud Youssif Mohamed Head of Structural Engineering Department
3 Prof. Saad Saad El Sayed Eskander Head of Electrical Engineering Department
4 Prof. Hisham Arafat Ali Khalifa Head of Computers and Systems Engineering Department
5 Prof. Lamis Saad El Din Mohamad El Gizawi Head of Architectural Engineering Department
6 Prof. Moheb Ebrahim Abou El Maaty El Azab Head of Mathematics and Physics Department
7 Prof. Abdou Abdel-Fattah Abdel-Samad Head of Production and Mechanical Design department
8 Prof. Mohamed Abdel Azim Mohamed Head of Electronics and Communication Engineering Department
9 Assist. Prof. Tharwat Aid Atwa Sarhan Acting as head of Irrigation and Hydraulic Engineering Department
10 Assist. Prof. Hisham Khalil Al-Etrbi  Acting as head of Public Works Engineering Department
11 Assist. Prof. Ali Fawzi Saqr  Acting as head of Textile Engineering
12 Prof. Fayez Fahmy Gomaa Areed Full Professor of Computers and Systems Engineering Department
13 Prof. Hassan Ali Mohamed Sultan  Full Professor of Production and Mechanical Design department
14 Prof. Mohamed Adel Rateb Al-Sayes  Full Professor of Electrical Engineering Department
15 Prof. Fawkia Fahim Ismail Al-Hubeibi  Full Professor of Textile Engineering Department
16 Prof. Mahmoud El Mowafi Shteiwi  Full Professor of Public Works Engineering Department
17 Prof. Mohamed Salah El-Din Sayed Ahmed  Full Professor of Architecture Department
18 Prof. Abdel Razek Ahmed El Sayed Zidan  Full Professor of Irrigation and Hydraulics Engineering Department
19 Prof. Mohamed Mohamed Yousry El Sheikh  Full Professor of Structural Engineering
20 Prof. Hassan Mansour Hassan Al-Saadani  Full Professor Mechanical Power Engineering Department
21 Prof. Hamdy Ahmed El Mikati  Full Professor of Electronics and Communication Engineering
22 Prof. Hamid Mohamed Atta Allah Noor  Full Professor of Mathematics and Physics Department
Senior Assistant Professors
1 Dr / Husseini Al - Husseini Abd Rabbo  Assistant Professor of Production and Mechanical Design department
2 Dr. Ahmed Ahmed Ghaleb  Assistant Professor of Structural Engineering
Senior Lecturers
1 Dr. Salah Al-Din Mr. Ali Al-Bagalati  Assistant Lecturer of Electronics and Communication Engineering
2 Dr. Hamdy Ahmed Abdel Salam  Assistant Lecturer Public Works Engineering Department
 External Members
1 Eng. Ezzat Ibrahim Al-Sayyad l Sayyad Head of Water and Sewage Company in Dakahlia
2 Eng.  Mohammed Saeed Abdul Qadir Head of North Delta Electricity Distribution Co. Dakahlia
3 Eng.  Mohammed Mahmoud Hafez Head of Dakahlia Company for Sugar

Council formation:

The faculty council is formed, presided over by his Excellency the dean; the two deputies and the heads of the departments, a professor of each department as members. Professors of each department periodically take over every year according to their seniority as professors. The university council, according to a request from the faculty council or institution, can add to the council membership, five professors at most from those (professors) who do not enjoy the council's membership, for a year, renewable.
Assistant professor and teacher in faculties where the number of departments does not exceed more than ten, two assistant professors and two teachers if the number of departments exceeds more than ten, and the membership is periodically deputized every year according to seniority in each group. Those members are not supposed to attend the faculty council meetings when considering matters related to appointing professors. Teachers are not supposed to attend when seeing to issues related to appointing assistant professors.
Three members at most from among those who have special cognizance of the subjects that are taught at the faculty or institution. Those are to be appointed for two renewable years according to a decree issued by his majesty, the University President, according to a suggestion issued by the faculty or institution council and the consent of the university council. Those are not supposed to acquire more than the membership of the faculty council and the membership of the university that this faculty is associated to.

Council Concerns:-

The Council The faculty or Institution council that is affiliated to the university is concerned with discerning the following matters:
Firstly, Matters of planning, coordinating, organizing and following-up:

  1. Drawing general policy concerning education and scientific researches in the faculty, and to organizing and coordinating it among the different departments.
  2. Drawing a plan to concerning the complement and construction of buildings, and supporting the labs and the equipment and the library in the faculty.
  3. Preparing the plan of the faculty or institution concerning scholarships and study leaves and delegating on foreign grants.
  4. Preparing a program to complements the teaching staff of the faculty.
  5. Preparing the policy guaranteeing encouraging the study in some departments of the faculty.
  6. Preparing the policy guaranteeing facilitating to the faculty students obtaining university books and note-books, and to encourage compiling books for some study subjects.
  7. Drawing the general framework for the work system in the faculty departments and organizing coordination among those departments.
  8. Deciding the scientific content of the study courses in the faculty and coordinating among them in different departments.
  9. Giving opinion concerning setting the executive regulation of the university, and preparing the internal regulation of the faculty or institution.
  10. Setting the internal regulation for the faculty library.
  11. Regulating students' acceptance in the faculty and determining their numbers.
  12. Regulating lessons, lectures, researches, exercises and exams in the faculty.
  13. Discussing the annual report of the Institution, and the reports of the departments, and the recommendations of the scientific conferences of the faculty and the departments, and the evaluation of the study systems, exams, and research in the faculty, and revising and renewing them in light of this, and in the framework of the scientific and educational advance, and the developing of the society's demands and needs.
  14. Regulating the administrative and financial issues of the faculty.
  15. Preparing the draft budget of the faculty.
  16. Following up executing the general policy of education and research in the faculty. Secondly: Executive issues.
  17. Distributing financial allocations among departments.
  18. Transferring students and shifting their enrollment from and to the faculty.
  19. Registering students for pre-study courses, and registering of master's and doctor's theses, and appointing committees to judge those theses, and prepare enrollment and registration.
  20. Distributing lessons, and lectures and scientific exercises.
  21. Determining the timing of exams and preparing the schedules, and distributing duties, forming committees and determining examiners duties deciding the deliberations of the exams committees and exams results of the faculty.
  22. Suggesting granting scientific degrees, and certificates and diplomas from the faculty.
  23. Fielding candidates for scholarships and grants and scientific certificates and diplomas from the faculty.
  24. Suggesting appointing teaching staff members in the faculty and their transfer.
  25. Delegating from or to the faculty or the institution.
  26. Fielding for scientific missions, delegation, and scientific devotion leaves.
  27. Caring social and sports matters for students.
  28. Suggesting accepting donations while taking into consideration the rule of the seventh article.
  29. Accepting transferring prep year students and first year students according to their cases from the similar faculties and institutions subject to this law.
  30.  Accepting transferring students from faculties not affiliate to universities subject to this law.
  31. Registering masters and doctorates theses and appointing assessing committees for these theses and nulling registration.Third: Different matters:
  32. Other issues coming from the Faculty Council.
  33. Other issues of concern according to the law.
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