study systems

There are two systems for study at the faculty

1st :two semesters system

  • The period of study is five years and it consists of the prepatory year followed by four years after them student is gained bachelor degree in engineering. study year in it of two semesters and the period of study in each semester is 15 weeks
  • To pass out the students in the faculty’s departments the followed rules were put :
  • Student registers a register application for his needs to attach one of the scientific departments without repeating any department of them.
  • The administration of student affairs adds the hundred percent to the degrees of success at the general secondary and according to then students are passed out at the scientific departments
  • Students are passed out on the faculty’s departments according to the numbers that faculty council suggests after taking the opinion of the scientific departments.
  • Students has the right of changing from dept. to another in one week from starting study at the faculty in if his total degree not less than the minimum of the department which he wants to follow.
  • The faculty doesn’t accept any exceptions or ill excuses to change from one department to another.

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2nd: credit hours system .student registers to the bachelor degree in this system after finishing the procedures of his attachment with the faculty 

  • Student needs to study some curriculums that are not less than 180 credit hours (one credit hour =one lecture hour or 2-3 hours for exercises and labs)and passing the curriculum successfully to gain the degree of bachelor
  • student’s position according to the number of the attended credit hours :

Study level          


Acknowledging the student’s position with study system

the number of the credit hours that the student attended




Less than 20%




From20% and less than40%




 from 40% and less than 60%




From 60%and less than 80%




From 80%and less than 100%

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