Deans of the faculty up till now


drrawad   drashour   drrashad

Prof. Dr. Mahmood Mostafa Awad

Prof. of Heat Engineering.

From 10/8/1991

To: 31/7/ 1994


Prof. Dr. Al-Saeed Abd-Al-Ghany Ashoor

Prof. of Industrial Production

From: 8/4/1983

To: 31/7/1991



Prof. Dr. Rashad Mohamed Al-Badrawy

Prof. of mechanical power engineering

From: 8/4/1973

To: 7/4/1983


dribrahim   drhamdy   drkandil

Prof. Dr. Ebraheem Gar-Al-Alam Rashid

Prof. of Engineering Chemistry.

From: 14/9/2003

To: 13/9/2006


Prof. Dr. Hamdy Ahmed Al Miqaty

Prof. of computer technology engineering and scientific calculations.

From: 6/9/1998

To: 31/7/2003



Prof. Dr. Mahmood Saber Qandeel

Prof. of System Analysis Engineering.

From: 29/8/1994

To: 31/7/1998


drmelegy   dradel   drshabrawy

Prof. Dr. Mahmood Mohammad Al Meleegy

Prof. of Structural Engineering.

From: 27/9/2011

To: 3/11/2012


Prof. Dr. Adel Ahmad Deef

Prof. of Structural Engineering.

From: 17/10/2009

To: 26/8/2011


Prof. Dr. Mohammad Al-Shabrawy Mohammad Aly

Prof. of Roads, Transport And Traffic.

From: 14/9/2006

To: 13/9/2009

dr moh22  



Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abd El Azim Mohamed Abd El Azim

Prof. of Electronics and Communications Engineering

From : 2/6/2019

To : 3/11/2023


Prof. Dr. Mohammad Ebraheem Al-Saeed Ebraheem

Prof. of Electrical Engineering.

From: 21/3/2016

To 31/7/2018


 Prof. Dr. Zaky Mohammad Zeedan

Prof. of Public Works Engineering.

From: 4/12/2012

To: 12/3/2016


Prof. Dr. Sherif Massoud Ahmed El Badawy

From : 3/11/2023

To : until now


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